Friday, February 13, 2009

Art Blog Award

I received an Art Blog Award from from my friend, Jeanne Grant. In return I am supposed to list seven things that I love and then I need to pass the award on to seven of my favorite bloggers. Here are seven things that I love:

1. My family. Always there for me and what a bunch of characters.
2. My two dogs, Farley and Cookie.
3. Coffee. Oh, the first sip of coffee in the morning. I love coffee more that I love chocolate.
4. Ahem. Okay, chocolate. Anything chocolate. A chocolate anything trumps other desserts.
5. Sunshine. I love to see it shine through the window. I love to feel it on my skin as I work out in the garden. In the kitchen window I have an old periscope prism that I scraped the mirror part off of so the light can shine through it and spatter a rainbow accross the kitchen floor.
6. A hot bath. Oh, what a luxury. Nothing else can chase away pain like a hot bath. Pity the olden days when they didn't have hot running water at their fingertips.
7. The computer! What a huge world the internet lays down for us at our doorstop. News! Weather! Art! Friends! Just doing a search on a subject -any subject and being able to learn about it is so stimulating.

Now for my favorite Blogs:
She's already listed me, but hers is one of my favorites. She always has interesting posts about her life and her art.
I love her beautiful pastel paintings of landscapes and animals, her tales of her travels.
She has several blogs with gorgeous sketches.
What a fun sense of humor she has.
Always something to learn from this accomplished artist.
Katherine Tyrrell's Travels with a Sketchbook: I love looking at artist's sketchbooks. There was once a magazine called "Sketch" but it ceased production after I had only received a couple of issues.
Karin Jurick: I love her...what what would you call it..contrasty style and she writes about her thought processes.
Those are my Seven Favorite Bloggers


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