Thursday, May 29, 2008

After the Dream

I painted this to music, and, later found out that the melody was called "After the Dream". So! That's the name of my painging. She had some shiny gold embellishments on her flowing skirt, so I think later I may add some gold leaf.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tuesday's Model Session

Every Tuesday night we are thrilled to have the opportunity to paint from a live model, sometimes clothed, other times not. I call this painting The Red Dress. I tried to pose her in such a way that would be different from what we are used to. I thought about the pose, the lighting and the composition all day long. Then when I arrived at the studio I had sorted out what I wanted and didn't want and went straight to work. I like the way this painting turned out and I learned that it pays for me to do my home work. I tried to make all her edges soft which I had decided upon way back at work. Now I know NOT to arrive at the studio "cold" It really helps me.

Ocoee Bridge

What a wonderful day we had, painting outside surrounded in beautiful sunshine and light. This was the first plein air that I ever did using the knife and I think I love it. Am even getting over the "too much waste of paint'' thing. The joy of having all those colors to just scoop as needed just trumps frugality. People made very nice comments and fed my ego as I progressed. Size is 11 x 14

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Haven't posted any of my artwork for such a long time because for awhile I was without a card reader or any way to download my pictures from my camera. Oh, how I missed being able to use my camera! For now, I've just taken a picture of my recently assembled and planted window box. I'm ready for summer. Now it's time to take pictures of my recent paintings to post here as well.