Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Mother's Day Story

Since Mother's Day was coming up, I've been trying to keep my ears open to discover what Mom might want that I could get her. I overheard her telling a friend that she would like a cactus plant. She used to have one a long time ago and it even had a flower on it. She would love to have one again, but nobody sells them anymore. I kept my eyes open, but I didnt see any cacti for sale either, so for Mother's Day I bought her a light pink "Knockout" rose bush. Today, after work I went to Home Depot to get some mulch and, lo and behold, CACTI! With flowers on them! I'd already gotten the rose bush, but I decided to buy a little cactus too -one with a pink flower on it. When I got home the phone rang. It was my sister (from out of town), all in a panic. She was trying to order some flowers for Mom but all the local florists were closed! (probably OUT of flowers). She asked if I would get some flowers from the grocery store to bring over to Mom tomorrow on Mother's Day. I told her about the cactus plants at Home Depot. She could give Mom my little pink cactus plus a few more to sort of make a grouping. She liked that so I got back in the car and drove to Home Depot. I bought five more so we had a total of six. they were SO pretty! Then it was time to go to church. Mom, Michael and I always sit in the back row. As soon as we heard "The Mass is ended, go in Peace", Mom turns to me and says..."Guess what? they had little cactus-es at Home Depot with flowers on them! I bought six of them and potted them up in one of my old pots! You'll have to see them -I'll show you tomorrow"! Hahahahah, well I don't know what kind of expression I must have had. I called my sister and we said it will just have to be a funny story to remember. Now she has twelve cactus plants! With the sun shining on them out on the porch I had to paint the little pink one. It's on a black primed canvas 5x5.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Painting -Spring Still Life

On the cover of a magazine was a beautiful oil painting and I remarked to myself that I have a little cream pitcher JUST like that! This was a good excuse to go ahead and purchase the gorgeous blue hydrangeas that I'd seen at the grocery store and, on a sunny day I set up my still life. I moved a small white table out onto the front porch and arranged the hydrangeas, african violets and a couple of tangerines to contrast against the blue. Oh, that was fun!