Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing Brandon.

I met Brandon one spring day while I was struggling to get my planting beds ready to receive plants.
I had huge garden ideas that stretched beyond my pocket book and my physical abilites but I always bite off way more that I can handle. Like an angel, Brandon appeared and asked if I had any work that he could do. So he helped me quite a bit digging a new garden bed and repositioning another. I'm hoping that he will help me plant my tulips in the fall. Yes, I ordered WAY to many.
In talking to Brandon I really got to enjoy his company. He was interested in what I had to say about my art and in one conversation he asked me to do his portrait. I jumped at the chance to have a live model sit for me! He asked me what he should wear and I said he should wear something that would say..."this is me" When he showed up I was taken with his appearance. He wore a great looking Henlsey shirt that had lightning bolts on it (which I had to just try and paint from memory-gotta pay better attention next time. Around his neck he wore a masculine silver chain which was a perfect enhancement of the black shirt. Where the morning sunlight hit the links it make me think of Sargent musing about a model having on a little something to catch the light, Perfect! Thank you Brandon

Monday, August 09, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Rose

The Queen Elizabeth Rose, a Grandiflora, is my favorite rose bush. I planted one (the only one available) in the spring so I could have some pink roses to cut and bring inside, and, also to paint. Yesterday I sat outside in the sunshine and painted this one before cutting it.